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The MCAA was established in 2015 and is committed to promoting the arts in Monroe County, Illinois. The Monroe County Arts Alliance is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

Local Arts Alliance Events

View our local arts alliance events calendar to see the current and future concerts and events, venues, and dates.

beautiful photo of a sunflower taken by Amanda Bandy
2022 Best of Show - Amanda Bandy

Photo Contest

We are now accepting entries for the 2023 MCAA Photo Contest. Enter online or drop your photos off at one of the listed locations. Entry deadline is March 15, 2023

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Sponsors of the Monroe County Arts Alliance website will be helping to foster more communication between arts organizations in Monroe County and more communication from those organizations to the public.

Your connection to the arts!

As you browse this website, we hope that you will gain a clear picture of the wide variety of arts activities that take place in Monroe County, Illlinois.

You can access our calendar to see the current and future concerts and events, venues and dates. You can also connect with the web pages of the individual member organizations to find out more about them and about how to become a member. The arts instruction page lists various teachers and classes in the arts that are available for group or private instruction.  You may also link to the websites or facebook pages of the county schools in order to access their fine arts calendars.

Finally, we hope that you will sign up to receive our weekly emails in order to stay up to date on the arts events in the near future. Monroe County’s heritage is rich in the arts. We hope our website will encourage you to become involved and to be a part of our audiences! Enjoy!

Upcoming Local Arts Alliance Events

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Mission Statement

The collaboration of local arts organizations to enhance quality of life by promoting awareness of and participation in artistic programming and cultural enrichment in Monroe County.


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